Brand Expansion Factor

Brand Expansion is the Second Critical Factor in Our Marketing Strategy.  Once You Have Your ‘on site’ Website Content Optimized for the Search Terms Your Potential Clients/Customers are looking for You Also want to Optimize all the sign posts ‘off site’ that point to your ‘Sales’ or Main Web site.  These are the critical  off site ‘assets’ or web ‘properties’ you need to turn your main website into a powerful marketing machine.  The bottom line is that the more high-profile internet sites you have pointing to your website, the higher authority you will be perceived to have by the search engines and the more free traffic they will consequently direct your way.

The only other alternative is Paid Traffic and depending on your niche this can be typically anywhere from say $0.50 to $20.00 per click or more depending on your niche. If your niche is highly competitive its not unheard of to pay $200 or more for a site visitor. Contact Us to design a consistent professional image across the net establishing your brand where it counts most. Consider it a ‘Ferrari’ optimized to drive massive traffic to your main website. Implement our ‘Brand Establisher’ as part of your marketing strategy.

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