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is all about ethically reaching your potential client/buyer/audience the quickest and most cost effective way possible. This is the beauty of electronic media – it does not cost any more to reach 100 people than it does to reach 1 million people if you only knew how. Having said that there is a lot to be said for traditional print media but only if it is tractable and cost effective. We don’t want to throw out the baby with the bath water so to speak. Here in part are some of our services which you can take advantage of to promote your services:


postmanCo-op Marketing [Getting The Best Out Of Traditional Marketing]:

Co-op Marketing is one way to cheaply get tangible, physical marketing pieces in the hands of your potential clients. Unlike ‘Digital Marketing’, Traditional Direct Mail Out Pieces are prohibitively expensive. Not only do you have the cost of delivery, you have the cost of design, copy writing, the cost of printing and the cost of the paper itself. Despite that direct mail pieces can be very effective. The drawbacks with direct mail is that with coupons your ads typically get lost among all others. ALSO one is typically tied into long term contracts and one unknowingly may be competing directly with a competitor who is offering a better deal. AND such advertising pieces typically only appeal to bargain hunters.

How would you like to share that cost of getting physical mail pieces into people homes? We are using a twist on the traditional mailer by using shared spots on a classy large format postcard showcasing your Call to Action. Physically get your message out at only pennies on the dollar.  We can Geo Target specific areas for you. Currently our target market is the British Columbia Lower Mainland. See Post Card Marketing Sample: for more information.

SEO Perfect CompanyS.E.O. Search Engine Optimization: The First Step.

Search Engine Optimization is the ‘First Step towards an effective marketing Strategy. Simply put it is the science of tweaking your website so that 1) it is clear to the search engines like Google what your site is promoting and 2) has the type of content that people are searching for. So rather than create content no one is looking for, it makes better sense to first do research to find out what your target market is looking for and then adjust your content accordingly.   Building your website so that it is search engine friendly turns it into a long term asset resulting in a constant flow of free traffic that builds over time.  See our explanation regarding web site design here.

Because Optimizing your Website so your potential clients/customers can find you gives permanent results,  SEO is by far your best marketing return on your investment. But before we do any search engine optimization we strongly recommend that you get a thorough evaluation of your website so we that can get the best possible performance from your website. Listen to the Video on Brand Expansion Factor to get a better appreciation of what you can expect from a dedicated SEO campaign. Typically  Local Buzz is packaged as an add on to Search Engine Optimization.

Splash-BrandOptimizationLocal Buzz or Local Search Optimization :

Hand in hand with making sure your website is search engine friendly you want to make sure if you are a local business or service that you are listed in all the local directories and all other related location services such as google local search. Local Search Optimization, second to S.E.O. is your best return for your marketing dollar. For more information phone us at 604-200-7787  and or click here.


Brand Optimization: The Second Step

Brand Expansion is the Second Critical Factor in Our Marketing Strategy.  Once You Have Your ‘on site’ Website Content Optimized for the Search Terms Your Potential Clients/Customers are looking for You Also want to Optimize all the sign posts ‘off site’ that point to your ‘Sales’ or Main Web site.  These are the critical  off site ‘assets’ or web ‘properties’ you need to turn your main website into a powerful marketing machine. For more info see  Brand Expansion Factor which takes this link pointing to your ‘money site’ to a totally new level.

Video ServicesVideo Marketing:

Its rash to say this but, “Who Reads Any More”? In a mad, mad, world it seems nobody has the time. But on the other hand put us in front of a television or a video we will watch. Moving pictures bar none is an effective way of getting your message out. Not only are people conditioned to watch a video but just getting them to stop and listen to a video on your website gives you an opportunity to get your message out and potentially engae your audience an make a sale. Furthermore, since Google controls the mega video site we all know as ‘YouTube’ with videos you have a powerful distribution channel through which you can reach more people quickly and more cost effectively than any other method. Videos more so than websites are more and more being ranked for first positions on any internet search. You definitely want to take advantage of Video Marketing if only for that reason.  We have many stock videos that we can create or customize for your market niche. Check out our local business marketing website designs as customized niche videos are part of that service package.  Contact us at 604-200-7787  for more information on specific videos for your local business. Also check out or ask about our brand booster package which includes a custom video made for your particular business.

Press Releases: A Distribution Channel – Getting The Word Out!

Traditionally this always been an effective way of getting your message out – because it is sent to a distribution channel where others can use it to provide current content to their readers. What is different today is that its not just about ‘text’ or ‘words on paper’. Like it or not we do live in an electronic world and today press releases in addition to just words also include pictures and video content. Contact us at 604-200-7787  for more information.


blackmaxmedialogo4Social Media and Web 2.0 Sites: Distribution Channels

Like Press Releases and Video Marketing – think of Social Media and Public 2.0 and Social Media Websites such as Facebook. Blogger, Pinterest, Twitter, WordPress . . .  as massive distribution channels with millions of viewers where you can place content and provide a high quality link pointing back to what we call your ‘money site’. In this electronic media age, you can discount the cost of physical printing in getting your message out into what could easily be hundreds if not thousands of locations.  Not taking advantage of the kind of leverage the digital world makes available is literally a missed opportunity. Read more here or Contact us for more information.

Content Creation: The Third Step

Once you have Steps One and Two Set up you are now in a position to put Gas into Your Ferarri. You need content. Content is and always will be ‘King’ . People are always looking for new and current information. You always want to create a reason for people to be coming back to your site so that you have an opportunity to sell them your products or services. For that reason you don’t want your site to be stale you need fresh content – new articles and new information on your site to keep them coming back again and again. Ideally you want to provide articles of interest on a regular basis to keep your audience informed and to promote special events and deals as the occasion merits.  But content is not limited to your website as your website is only one component of a much larger marketing distribution system attracting visitors from all over the web. Fresh, relevant quality content distributed all over the web through social media and web 2.0 sites is the bait that brings potential clients and customers to your money site. We have content writers on staff who can take care of that task for you. Call us for more information 604-200-7787.

Drawing-layerExportAdwords, Pay Per Click, Remarketing: Getting Immediate Results.

Catering to what we call the Brand Expansion Factor by far is the most cost  effective way of marketing as you are building a permanent asset that will continue to bring you traffic time after time. While effective it takes time to build these permanent assets. If you want results now,  Adword and/or Pay per Click or paid advertising is by contrast quick but more expensive. If you have an existing advertising campaign we can analyze it and make suggestions as to how to improve your results. Have you ever noticed while browsing the net that the same ad seems to following you every where you go? Well what you are experiencing is the result of an remarketing campaign a very effective way of getting a better bang for your buck if you are already using paid advertising. Call us for more information 604-200-7787.

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