Direct Mail is Still Kicking

Traditional Direct Mail, we all know as junk mail – old school marketing . We all still get it and do you know why – because it works. Now if you were to send a mail piece direct to 100 households how much do you think it would cost you. Consider the fact that you would have to hire a designer, a copy writer, pay for the printing, the envelope and the postage and someone to stuff and deliver the envelopes to the post office. $1000 or $1.00 a household wouldn’t be out of the question would it – In fact $1.00/household would seem downright unrealistic.

Co-op Advertising or Shared Advertising, is one way to get the costs down. We see it in coupon mailers, flyers, newspaper inserts but right away you are competing with multiple ads on low quality paper that mostly goes to line bird cages and into recycle bins. The only exception to that are those who pay strict attention  bargain hunters – not likely your best prospects. Not only that but typically this type of advertising is run by franchises and while it may be effective one is tied into large long term contracts and large down payments.

Introducing Co-op Postcards,  For all the reasons direct mail is great, its something that is tangible, something you can get your hands on, something that gets physically into every house hold if only there was a way to overcome all all the shortcomings. Well this is what we have come up with, Large Format postcards, get the benefit of shared advertising costs on high quality glossy card stock. Its a post card – everybody looks at both sides of a post card not only is your mail piece going to be delivered direct to your geo-targeted household – its going to be seen.  As for long term term contracts forget about it, cover your share of the printing and distribution  and your ad gets delivered for under ten cents a household. $200 get your ad special into 2000 neighbour homes. And there is no chance your competitor is going to undercut your promotion in the same mail piece ever again – it just won’t happen. Check it out.

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